Cavonic, the system supplier for 3D-Coating Technology

We offer cost-effective solutions for injection molded packages with a superior barrier coating. Our 3D-Coating process is ideal for injection molded packages in all shapes and sizes.

The barrier function is achieved with the one-of-a-kind “cavonium®-coating”. This 3D-Coating Technology is especially suitable for three dimensional and complex packaging elements, i.e. food containers, capsules, bowls, closures, tube shoulders etc. and elements from medical technology, i.e. lab consumables.

3D-Coating is the perfect solution for a secure and environmental friendly packaging in the food, pharma, cosmetic and chemical industries. 

Applications Packaging

  • Container
  • Closures
  • Coffee capsules
  • Tube shoulders
  • Cartridges
  • Spouts

Advantages for your product

  • Low unit costs for the coating
  • FDA approval possible
  • Taste protection I through functional barrier (similar to glass), no loss of aroma and flavours (due to the stop of migration of etheric oils and flavours into the plastic)
  • Taste protection II, no  migration of plastic additives (e.g. softeners, masterbatches) into the product
  • Few limitations in design of the containers
  • Protection against oxidation (at least as good as EVOH)
  • Migration barrier resistable against water vapour and temperature (better than EVOH)
  • Monomaterial is inexpensive, ecological and recycable
  • Sensible packaging in terms of ecology, even polymers from regrowing raw materials and biodegradable Polymers can be used
  • Cost advantages against multilayer structures like EVOH
  • Integration into existing filling lines

Applications medical technology

  • Prolongation of Shelf life for vacuum reaction vessels
  • Inexpensive alternative to prefilled glass syringes

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